CCF supports projects implemented by Colombian non-government organisations that are aligned to our vision, objectives, beneficiaries, and guiding factors. CCF invites Colombian community organisations aligned to its mission to apply for funding, and then supports these organisations as they implement the projects in Colombia.

Organisations applying for CCF funds must also satisfy the following requirements:

  • They are corporate entities in Colombia as demonstrated by their registration as Incorporated Companies Limited by Guarantees.
  • They are voluntary, not-for-profit and non-governmental organisations as demonstrated by having a voluntary board of directors, and a constitution stating they are not-for-profit and without government affiliation.
  • They are community based organisations accountable to their membership, as demonstrated by election of their board of directors; openness of their membership to the general public; and ongoing communication to their members.
  • Their activities are focused on development covering at least two years as demonstrated by their annual reports covering at least two years of programming and a track record of positive achievement.
  • They are effective in conducting their activities, as demonstrated by annual financial audits, sound monitoring and evaluation standards, and demonstrated impact.

If you are interested in applying for CCF funding, please contact and we will send you the required documentation for our funding application process.