Girls Water and Rice

CCF is currently supporting a project called ‘Girls Water and Rice’, implemented by our wonderful Colombian partner in a number of Colombian districts devastated by the Colombian conflict. This project supports female survivors of sexual abuse in the Colombian armed conflict. It helps these girls to gain access to appropriate care, compensation, and rehabilitation so that they can lead productive lives away from the conflict. The project has four key components as detailed below.

1. Victim empowerment. Through workshops on human rights and artistic expression, our partner will empower the victims to deal with their abuse and advocate for better support systems for others in similar circumstances.

2. Community protection. Currently, it can be dangerous for victims to report abuse and for this reason, prevalence of sexual abuse in the armed conflict is under-reported. Our partner will create a safe and accessible system for the community to report on sexual violence.

3. Data collection. Our partner will develop a process of following, monitoring, and systmatising the data on sexual violence in order to advocate for action by the government, civil society organisations, and international bodies.

4. Advocacy. Our partner will develop a national and international advocacy campaign to change legislation and ensure that prevention and intervention programs are included in the public agenda.

We will be sure to keep you posted on project progress.

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